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YIELD's Yuzu, Matcha & Mango flavoured gummies contain a unique blend of adaptogens and minerals that combine to help improve your cognitive performance.

What are nootropics? 

Nootropics are a wide range of natural or synthetic supplements that improve cognitive function. They are particularly useful for boosting mood, executive functions, attention, memory, creativity, focus and motivation.

At YEILD, we only use natural ingredients. Yield Nootrpic gummies are loaded with Lions Mane, Zinc, Ginko Biloba, L-Theanine and Green Tea.

Lions Mane mushroom is known to stimulate the growth of brain cells. It can boost your memory, dial in your focus and improve your mood, whilst supporting digestion.

Zinc is an essential element required for optimal brain health and cognition. Zinc improves alertness, cognition, focus, memory, learning, recall, reduces brain fog, is an antioxidant, helps neuroplasticity, and protects against glutamate-toxicity.

Derived from an ancient Chinese tree, Ginkgo Biloba has a positive effect on thinking, learning, and memory (cognitive function).

L-Theanine is an amino acid found in tea and some mushrooms that positively affects the parts of your brain involved with sleep, mood, focus, and memory.

Water, Gelling Agent (Pectin), Green Tea Extract, Yuzu Citrus Juice, Acidity Regulator (Citric Acid), Natural Yuzu Flavouring, Dried Matcha Powder, Lemon Oil, Dried Mango pieces, Sugar, Glucose Syrup

Energy(kj) - PER 100g, 1191 - PER 8g 95
Energy(kcal) - PER 100g, 281 - PER 8g, 22
Fat(g) - PER 100g, 0 - PER 8g, 0
Saturates(g) - PER 100g, 0 - PER 8g, 0
Carbohydrates(g) - PER 100g, 65 - PER 8g, 5
Surgars(g) - PER 100g, 62 - PER 8g, 5
Fiber(g) - PER 100g, 10.2 - PER 8g, 0.8
Protein(g) - PER 100g, 0 - PER 8g, 0
Salt(g) - PER 100g, 0.02 - PER 8g, <0.01
Zinc(g) - PER 100g, 62.5 - PER 8g, 5


"Love the nootropics! Really get me in the zone before a big meeting. Yuzu flavour is amazing too"

William Coulton

"Highly recommend trying these out. Have felt a huge lift in concentration, mood and general positive mental state. Favourite is the Nootropic, given the inclusion of L-Theanine & Lion's Mane! A real game changer"

James C

"The nootropic gummies have really helped my ADHD mind concentrate on tasks over a three or so hour period. To top it off the flavour is pretty fantastic too. I’ve introduced quite a few friends who love them too"